A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar

EAN: 9784789012959

A Dictionary of Advanced Japanish Grammar
ISBN: 978-4-7890-1295-9 //  ISBN: 9784789012959
Anno di edizione: 2008
Casa editrice: The Japan Times
Numero di pagine: 794
Lingua: giapponese, inglese
Paese di origine: Giappone

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Descrizione del libro offerta dall'editore (Japan Times), in lingua inglese:

A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar, the third volume in the widely-acclaimed, bestselling Japanese grammar dictionary series, is designed to introduce students of Japanese to advanced-level Japanese grammar expressions and help them deepen their understanding of the critical and subtle differences in meaning and usage between the target expressions and other synonymous expressions.

Following the same format as the previously published volumes, A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar and A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, the book offers approximately 230 Japanese grammar items that are believed to be highly important for students striving to master advanced-level Japanese and also for instructors who teach Japanese at that level.

This book is especially useful when reading advanced-level materials
such as newspapers, professional journals, technical/business/legal documents, academic papers, and literature.


--Special Topics in Advanced Japanese Grammar
This section focuses on six topics: adjective classification in Japanese, interpretations of “N1 no N2,” concepts of politeness and formality, meanings of rhetorical questions, metaphorical expressions, and number marking in Japanese.

--Main Entries
Which have been carefully selected by examining upper-level textbooks and other teaching materials. Each entry offers detailed and lucid descriptions of its meanings and usages, along with abundant examples showing authentic usage. In-depth comparisons between the target expression and expressions similar to it in meaning or form (approximately 430 items in all) are also included.

The English Index enables students to look up the book’s main entries using English. The Japanese Index is comprehensive; it includes all the main entries and related expressions that appear in this book and in DBJG and DIJG.

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