Japan: The Basics

EAN: 9780415629713

Japan: The Basics
ISBN: 978-0-415-62971-3//  ISBN: 9780415629713
Anno di edizione: 2015
Casa editrice: Routledge
Numero di pagine: 195
Lingua: inglese
Paese di origine: UK

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Japan: The Basics è un'introduzione sulla realtà e l'attualità economica, politica e culturale in Giappone.

Nota dell'editore, in lingua inglese:

Japan: The Basics, is an engaging introduction to the culture, society and the global positioning of Japan. Taking a fresh look at stereotypes associated with Japan, it provides a well-rounded introduction to a constantly evolving country. It addresses such questions as:

• How do we go about studying Japan?

• What are the connections between popular culture and wider Japanese society?

• How are core values about identity formed and what are their implications?

• How does Japan react to natural and manmade disasters?

• How does nature influence Japanese attitudes to the environment?

With exercises and discussion points throughout and suggestions for further reading, Japan: The Basics is an ideal starting point for all those studying Japan in its global, cultural context.

Contents: List of Illustrations, Notes on Style, Acknowledgements, Map of Japan 1. Introduction – Studying Japan 2. Demographic Challenges 3. Japan on the Move 4. Natural Japan 5. Core Values 6. Pure Japanese 7. One For All, All For One 8. (Re)Building Japan 9. Conclusions Bibliography Index

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