Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 2 textbook (Seconda Edizione) - CD-ROM MP3 incluso

EAN: 9784789014434

Genki: An Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese 2 textbook (Seconda Edizione) - CD-ROM MP3 incluso
ISBN: 978-4-7890-1443-4 //  ISBN: 9784789014434
Anno di edizione: 2011
Casa editrice: The Japan Times
Numero di pagine: 385
Lingua: inglese, giapponese
Paese di origine: Giappone

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What is GENKI?

GENKI is an integrated textbook series widely adopted by many elementary Japanese courses at colleges and high schools in Japan, U.S., and other countries. The series' well-balanced approach develops the four basic language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to cultivate overall language ability.

- Encouraging students to study through practical learning material
- Many enjoyable practice exercises
- Understandable grammar explanations written in English
- Teachers can offer comprehensive instruction easily
- GENKI website is also available

384 pages with MP3(CD-ROM) 257x182x25 mm

GENKI Second Edition

Each lesson in the revised edition features a new section dubbed “Culture Notes,” which provides information in English on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Japanese culture and everyday life in Japan. The audio material of the GENKI CDs (previously sold separately from the textbooks) is re-edited and re-recorded in MP3 format on CDs that will be bundled with the revised textbooks. GENKI was reviewed for vocabulary and expressions that have lost some of their currency since the time of publication so that they can be replaced with alternatives that are more relevant to today’s Japan.

Note on the accompanying disk

The disk that comes with this book contains digital audio files in MP3 format. The files can be played on computers or digital audio players, but not on CD players.

Release Schedule

In September 2011

Textbook II with MP3(CD-ROM)
Workbook II with MP3(CD-ROM)
GENKI Picture Cards on CD-ROM II
Answer Key

In 2012
Teacher’s Manual

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