80 Communication Games for Japanese Teachers (Edizione rivisitata)

EAN: 9784789012669

80 Communication Games for Japanese Teachers (Edizione rivisitata)
 978-4-7890-1266-9 //  ISBN: 9784789012669
Anno di edizione: 2007 
Casa editrice: The Japan Times
Numero di pagine: 233
Lingua: giapponese
Paese di origine: Giappone

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Nota dell'editore:

This book presents 80 games that Japanese language teachers can put to good use in elementary courses. Each game is provided with detailed instructions, pointers, and ideas for how to adapt them for various classroom needs.

  • The text is in Japanese, with English translations of the instructions to facilitate use by non-native teachers.
  • The cards and sheets necessary for each activity are provided, allowing teachers to use the games in the classroom right away.
  • The cards provided are picture/character cards printed on heavy bond paper and can be used for a wide range of games and activities beyond those presented in the book. 
    (Additional card sets may be purchased separately to replace worn cards or accommodate large classes.) 



Indice dei contenuti:

Section 1 Games for consolidating of grammatical points(53 games)

Section 2 Games for warming up/reviewinig(11 games)

Section 3 Card games using the cards section(16 games)

Cards Section(288 cards)

  • Adjective cards(64)
  • Verb cards(64)
  • Intransitive and transitive cards(24)
  • Counter cards(32)
  • Supplementary cards(8)
  • Animal cards(16)
  • Sign cards(48)
  • Place cards(16)
  • Occupation cards(16)

第1章 学習の定着をはかるためのゲーム(ゲーム数:53)
第2章 ウォームアップ/総復習のためのゲーム(11)
第3章 巻末カードを使ったゲーム(16)


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