Separatore di Frash Cards (Accessorio per le Kanji Cards di White Rabbit Press)

Separatore di Frash Cards (Accessorio per le Kanji Cards di White Rabbit Press)
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Questo prodotto è completato dalle carte dei Kana e Kanji di White Rabbit Press e aiuta ad organizzare lo studio in maniera efficace e dando la priorità ai kanji più difficili da memorizzare.

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These sturdy and colorful plastic card dividers help you keep organized—and also help you study effectively using the Leitner Method. With the Leitner method, you can use these cards to brush up on your weak points. 

Get to know the Leitner Method:

Take about 50 or 100 cards to study and put them in a stack. We'll call this Stack 1. Now begin with a simple, specific goal: for example, to learn the on- or kun- readings; to know at least one vocabulary word per card, or to use the cards "back to front" and test your ability to write the kanji. (You're not trying to learn everything on the card at once are you? We think it's best to break down your studying into sub-tasks and make several passes through the cards. Otherwise, progress is just too slow and discouraging.)

Proceed through Stack 1. When you answer correctly, place the card in a second stack—Stack 2. When you get it wrong, return the card to Stack 1.

Next, proceed through Stack 2. When you get these right, put them in a new stack—Stack 3. But when you get them wrong move them all the way back in Stack 1. Anytime you get a card wrong in any stack, it gets moved back to the very first stack. 

Continue until Stack 5. All the cards in Stack 5 are cards that you’ve answered correctly 4 times in a row. 

The Leitner system helps you prioritize your studying. Try focusing on the flashcards that are most difficult when you’re feeling alert, and review the easier flashcards when you want a lighter study session.

Using your Divider Cards 
These divider cards allow you to keep track of which cards were in which stacks between study sessions. Simply use the divider cards as separators between each stack, when you pick them up to put them back in the box.

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